The California Lemon Law – Where Did It Come From

Not many people understand where laws began but many times it’s important to know this to help you better understand the law itself. This is also true with the California Lemon Law.

This law started in 1979 by a woman in Lemon Grove, California. She purchased a car and while waiting it to be repaired she lost her patience. Considering that 3 months had gone by, you can understand why. All by herself, she picketed that exact dealership for a whole 5 months. During that time she was verbally abused by the mechanics, salesman and customers. Finally after all this time she got some attention from the local newspaper. A citizen’s movement began, support for her situation built and it resulted in the California Lemon Law being enacted.

This humble beginning spawned a lemon law in every single state. Of course the law varies from state to state but they pretty much all say the same thing; that the vehicle must be in good condition, without malfunctions when it was sold and throughout the life of the warranty.

Obtain A Legal Divorce Offshore Without Your Spouse’s Consent

The development of the global economy has resulted in more frequent travel to foreign countries by people around the world. While international marriages used to be uncommon, today they are nothing unusual. Millions of people travel or move to other countries, develop relationships and marry. Unfortunately, obtaining an international divorce is not such a simple matter.

One of the biggest problems you might face in trying to obtain an international divorce involves obtaining the consent of your spouse. In some cases, spouses agree a legal divorce is what’s needed to move on with their lives. Once divorced, individuals regain their single status for tax filing purposes. If one or the other wants to start a business, a divorce could be advantageous, and it’s a necessity if either spouse wants to remarry. When both spouses are in agreement about the divorce, it’s considered a bilateral divorce.

In many cases however, a bilateral divorce is not possible. If you or your spouse have lived in one or more different countries since separating, it’s possible you’re out of contact. In some cases, losing contact is deliberate, as in the case of a spouse who’s trying to avoid paying child support or alimony. In other cases, it just happens.

Precisely how Employment Lawyer NYC Can Help You with Your Legal Case

Establishing a career in this new economy could be a hard job. It is best to do more than what you can to land a job as the employment competition around is very tight. Nonetheless, the economy isn’t always stable, and when recession sets in, businesses will be pushed to lay off several employees. Needless to say, business abuses are present anywhere particularly in New York. The truth is, it can’t be helped that several workplaces are discriminating the jobless with the number of people looking for a job. /p>

There are different things that can affect a person’s chances of getting hired. Cronyism can be one. Individuals with connections can certainly get the job, while those who are at the bottom are working their best to stay afloat. In fact, many New Yorkers are not having troubles finding properties; but they’re more worried about job declines. The slow progress in the job gains confirms it all. Moreover, job security adds to the problems of many workers.

Navigating the modern workplace is very tough that is why you need the help of employment lawyers NYC. They can help employees from large companies, small businesses and nonprofit organizations about employment and civil litigation matters. Usually, their services aren’t just limited to the local community because they give it internationally too. They do know about how a few workplaces discriminate their employees’ race, age, sex, disability and religion. With their help, workers will have better chances of keeping their job without being stereotyped.

maxims Of Common Law’ Are Ignored In Family Court

Courts make determinations in law and in equity. By ‘in law’ is meant following a specific law – constitutional law, state law, etc. By ‘in equity’ is meant determining what is ‘fair’ to do where now law specifically rules. An example is determining how to distribute the assets in a divorce among the husband and wife.

Common law refers to the myriad of decisions made by judges and appeals courts. Maxims of Common Law are ‘guiding truths’. Adhering to them helps judges make fairer decisions. They’re ignored in family court determinations since fairness is a wholly secondary issue. This article overviews what these maxims are.

Maxims are absolutely essential to the preservation of rights and fair treatment to all litigants. Maxims:

Prepaid Legal Service Scam-were We All Born Yesterday

A lot of people have expressed concern about the prepaid legal plans that have gained popularity and how they may be scams. These prepaid legal services scams have fell into the good graces of more than 1 and a half million families in Canada and the U.S. This scam has also allowed people that have taken advantage of prepaid legal services business plans to become quite wealthy too.

The scam that peddles a prepaid legal service got its start in America back in the decade of the 70’s and its founder said that it would help lawyers the same way medical insurance helped doctors. This scam wasn’t new to society though because a less sophisticated version, which was said to have influenced the latest one, was the rage as early as the 1930’s in Europe.

Let’s Breakdown the Prepaid Legal Scam Here